Job title: Recruitment Administrator - Renewable Energy
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Consulting Services
Expertise: Administration & Support
Salary: Negotiable
Job published: 2019-12-02
Job ID: 32100

Job Description

We are looking for an administrator, someone who is so sharp and incredibly organized that they just get admin done so efficiently that people are surprised how you have already planned and seen to matters before they have a moment to check in with you! You are someone that enjoys administration duties and keeping a diary up to date and ticking off your checklist this is the perfect opportunity for you!

So before reading on, can we ask you, do these 7 traits sum up who you are? If they do, we know that not only will you love working this role, but it will come naturally to you!

Here goes:

  • You have a proactive approach, no doubt about it.
  • Your interpersonal relationship skills are off the charts!
  • You are flexible, you know things change and you can easily navigate around it – plan A is always backed by plan B.
  • Organized. Organized. You know what’s happening when, with who and how if not all the other intricate details.
  • Tech-savvy. You are fluid. No matter the system you quickly grasp how systems work and if not, Google is your go-to.
  • People you know consider you incredibly reliable. TIA is no excuse to you, and you don’t consider Cape Town time as your punctuality measure. When you say you going to do something, people know you going to get it done – it’s something you pride yourself in.
  • Discretion and loyalty. People trust your ethics and are confident they can place confidential information in your hands.

We have a small team of specialized Headhunters who need someone unique to help them keep processes and administrative requirements up to scratch and actioned in record time. We want someone who picks up on cues quickly and who can put the dots together without it written in black and white. This opportunity is for someone with a high IQ and EQ, someone who is excellent at prioritizing their work and who take pride in their quality of work as well as helping people to achieve their goals!

If you are the perfect person for us you will have a year of relevant admin or PA work under your belt. You will be a team player and be energized by working with people, not short of saying you are a bit of an extrovert!  You will be a gatekeeper but not in the conventional terms, you will be able to identify opportunities from risks and know which senior team member would benefit from connecting with the professional requesting engagement through our online channels and CRM system. You will also be able to translate information and see how processes make the whole and why stats are vital to optimize a businesses performance. You will be the cornerstone of information, thinking out the box and problem-solving connections between clients and candidates for optimization of our recruitment processes!

If you love organization and administration this is the perfect role for you! Our team bond goes beyond the office and we know how to work and play hard, we a bit quirky but professional. Clients and candidates love us because we do things differently and always at the highest quality. We have made a home in effecting change through people. We want to see the renewable energy and sustainability industry grow and we bridge the gap between skills and projects.

If this sounds like an opportunity that is right up your ally and your career trajectory, we want to hear from you… but people, sustainability and climate change must resonate with you!

To successfully apply to this role, send us your CV, in the comment box explain why you would be the perfect enabler for our team and… so we can see who we talking to, add a photo to your application!